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100% Irish owned, Irish operated, free shipping for all orders over €50 within Ireland.
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    SoQ was Launched in Ireland in September 2017.

    Hello, my name is Lin, the founder of SoQ.ie, a genuine fashion lover. I have 2 young kids myself, I fully understand the requirements of the children’s clothing. At the same time, being a time poor mum, like some of you, lots of my shopping was done online, including clothing, for myself and my kids. If you agree, this is a less hassle way of shopping, as you do not need to deal with the screaming kids, the demands of ice cream or washroom, the handling of buggy and shopping cart simultaneously... I have experienced all, therefore online shopping has become my latest shopping behavior.
    I have been a professional, worked in the Multi-National companies for many years, until I had my kids, family has overcome everything else. I love to dress them in styles, not for anything but helping them to discover the beautiful world through their pure eyes.
    There was a winter, I bought a very nice coat for my daughter, I was delighted as I thought it was a good purchase. However the joy did not last long, because in the following days, I discovered so many girls wearing the same coat in the school, on the street and in the shops. At that time, I realized how deficient the children’s clothing supply is here. So when I decided to stop working in the office, I thought I would like to make some changes to the children’s clothing industry. Every child is beautiful, they deserve the styles they love. If you appreciate styles, believe me, your little ones would not appreciate them any less.
    I am so very delighted to be here, share with you, what I love, what I found, and what is so easily accessible. Our mission is to put the sparkles into your eyes, and hopefully in those of your little ones too.
    PS: If any retail business is interested in partnering with SoQ, you are more than welcome to get in touch with me. 
    Happy shopping!