Our story

Hi, I am Lin Xue, the founder of SoQ.ie, an Asian living in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, a mum to a pair of gorgeous kids. I had been working in office jobs since I moved to Ireland, until my second child was born. As all the Irish mums know, how hard it is to work and manage family, so here I am, quit my job and founded the kid's fashion website, SoQ.ie.

I am a genuine fashion lover, I always admire all the beautiful stuff (who doesn't?), and love to dress my kids in the way that most presents their nature beauty. However I always sadly found there were lacks in supply of kids collections. Comparing with what was supplied in my home country, I was desperate for having those rich selections. If you are feeling what I felt, you are in the right place.

Kids love fashion and it is our genuinely thrilling pleasure to gather together some crowd pleasers in our online store. Whether getting dressed up for play, fun or those important celebration days, we know that our hard wearing beautifully designed clothes always fit the bill.